Case Management

Case Management

Case Management

Some situations in life require case management outside the home. Sometimes it is better for someone outside the situation to navigate a family or individual or couple through the process needed to get help or restoration back in their life and help to put the pieces back together.

The process of case management is interactive and goal directed with an emphasis on monitoring and reviewing to ensure that help is being provided and services delivered to fulfil the identified needs of the child, individual, couple or family that needs support.

Throughout the case management process we will offer:

  • Assessment of needs
  • Case planning
  • Implementing plans and getting help
  • Monitoring and reviewing persons’ or families’ wellbeing
  • Moving towards independence and case closure.

If you feel you are in a situation individually or a couple or as a family that requires case management please contact us to confidentially discuss your needs.

  • Genuine caring Counsellor who supports all family members, gives strategies that are user friendly and able to be utilized in all areas of life. Committed to reaching positive outcomes, and able to lead you to other services for extra assistance. Cannot say enough positive comments about the services offered.

    Aberglasslyn NSW

  • Heartbeat Connection have been a great support to my husband and myself during a tough time. We felt cared for, valued, understood and supported. They were a great help.

    L.O  Dungog  NSW

  • I found the experience enlightening and uplifting. I would highly recommend using their services.

    S   NSW

  • I can highly recommend Julie to anyone seeking a nurturing, non-judgemental counsellor in a safe environment. She has given me the confidence to move forward with my life & to make decisions for my future. With Julie, I am able to fully express myself while she provides guidance and support in developing my communication skills & a greater ability to deal with life’s issues

    HM   Maitland