About Us

Julie McAlpine

Hello and welcome. My name is Julie McAlpine, I’m the Director of Heartbeat Connection & Associates Pty Ltd and Accredited Practising Counsellor.

At Heartbeat Connection & Associates PL, we believe with the right therapy and help everyone can have an exciting future. This is a brief story of how Heartbeat Connection began.

I have worked in my profession in varied areas of Counselling for many, many years.

Heartbeat Connection was started in 2008 when my husband was recovering from being critically ill, and I needed to stay home with him and help with rehabilitation. I have 3 wonderful adult children, and awesome grandchildren. Life has not always been an easy journey, and has been filled with ups and downs. Everyone needs help and support from time to time and I’m no exception. Learning and processing through our journey, can give us great insight into how we operate, and find how many diverse areas and people are in our life journey.

Knowing how life sometimes is a puzzle, we can be very sad, hurt, stressed, and feel very alone. I wanted to use my life and counselling experiences to help others in putting their life together.

There are many reasons for one of our heart pieces to lose its place.

Heartbeat Connection & Associates PL is based at East Maitland and offers therapy to countless people throughout the Hunter Valley and beyond. This year we will have even more options to help you and your loved ones, as we are expanding our services and getting in additional professionals to offer Complementing Therapies.

At Heartbeat Connection & Associates PL, we know that to find a happy and healthy way of life, therapy for children, individuals, couples and families has never been more important.

Our logo represents many different areas of our life that can become a puzzle. The heart is the life of all of us. We often forget about our heart and its complicated pieces, and how it fits together. Sometimes without help from others, we can’t find our heart’s missing piece, due to sadness with grief, illness, anger, separation, divorce, retirement, relationship or family issues, and so much more. There are many reasons for one of our heart pieces to lose its place.

Contact us now to help put the pieces back together in your life.


Each colour of the puzzle piece represents one of our values at Heartbeat Connection. These are the values we have to help all people who attend our service put the pieces of their life together.

Purity and Reflects Light
Purity and Reflects Light. To help bring optimism by helping people see how many strengths they have, reflecting light into their life beyond their darkness.
Helping people see their Self
Helping people see their “Self”is Precious,of Worth, Value and Significance
Helping people learn how to manage Emotions
Helping people learn how to manage Emotions and helping people learn how to Connect with their world and others, bringing Happiness
Helping bring about the Healing of Hurts
Helping bring about the Healing of Hurts in different areas of their life, and if wanted, help with their Spiritual Awareness. Helping bring Cognitive stabilization
Helping bring Growth
Helping bring Growth to different parts of people’s being. Helping bring vitality in Health awareness
Helping bring Significance
Helping bring Significance to people and build Royal and Noble attitudes of Integrity and Strength