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Being a couple can be creative and fun, or hard work. One of the topics most couples don’t talk about are the differences in change and time both of them will have within their relationship. Over my time of counselling, most couples are unaware of the changes happening with them. These times are called “TRANSITIONS”, both as individuals and a couple. Often one person within the couple may not see or hear the other person’s “transition”, and sometimes not understanding them. Reflect on yourself and see if there’s anything you need to “own” in your behaviour.

If you think you or the other person maybe going through a “transition” into change, talk to them about it. You maybe the one who is required to change as the other person has already been changing. So keep an open mind. Your relationship is at stake. If you’re having a little trouble connecting with each other give us call and we’ll help you find a closer, more intimate relationship.

We offer marriage counselling and relationship counselling. Contact us today to be reconnected and enjoy a strong and healthy relationship.  No referral necessary.