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FOR CHILDREN & PARENTS – Children see the world differently

Family having fun in countryside

Children have a different way of looking at the world. We sometimes need to stop and think about how HUGE their world around them must look like.

Distance is different. I remember when I was young, I took my little Sisters hand and we walked over to the neighbours home to ask them for something for my Grandmother. The block of land seemed so very long in distance.

Time is different. Remembering when we went to the beach, or to visit someone. It seemed such a long way when we were going there, and quicker when we were coming home.

Discipline is different. When a child knows their in trouble, a “talking to”, standing in the corner, writing “sorry” etc, can ALL be perceived differently to them. They may see, hear, and or copy their perceptions. So discipline to them physically or emotionally by bigger people, can even have cruelty perceptions by children.

Love is different. How do we see Love? Do we see it as someone:- doing something for us, saying something that makes us feel better, physical touch, emotional awareness, kind words, thoughtfulness, helping etc. How do we show children love? How do we teach them how to love others?

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